VINTAGE Victorian French Colonial Porcelain Duo, Cobalt Blue & Gold”


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Vintage Victorian French Colonial Porcelain Duo, Cobalt Blue & Gold

Summary information;
Material: Porcelain grade A
Finish: Glossy
Year of production: 1900s (Latest)
Place of origin: Japan , EIHO
Type: Figurine
Height: 21.3 cm or 8.39 inches
State: As new

Discover elegance in this pair of Victorian French colonial figurines, hailing from the grandeur of the 19th century. Clad in traditional finery, the gentleman’s suit and lady’s gown are accented with cobalt blue and touches of gold. Made in Japan from grade A porcelain, they bear the enigmatic mark “E-I-H-O” and are preserved flawlessly without chips or cracks. Offered as a duo or as individual pieces, they evoke the charm and sophistication of a bygone era.

The pieces are in immaculate condition shows no signs of wear and has no chips or cracks. (See pictures )

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